Privacy by Default

A private mesh network protocol for apps and devices ⚡


It works by having every endpoint generate its own unique public-key based address to send and receive small encrypted packets of JSON (with optional binary payloads) to other trusted endpoints. It also provides an automatic routing system to assist in creating a full p2p mesh between all endpoints.

Rival Messenger

Rival Messenger is an instant messaging application for OSX 10.9 and above. It is built on top of the Objective-C library, and has been built from the ground up to work exclusively on top of Telehash to provide a proof of concept for the network.


It's very much in the R&D stages yet, but check out the field-test utility for a simple demo, or try one of the libraries.


We are hard at work defining the next generation of telehash, the v3 spec is currently being defined, and is open for feedback here.

The legacy spec is implemented in a few languages (any help here would be great!) and prototype apps are being created to test it. Questions can be directed at twitter, or to Jeremie Miller directly.